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Nutritional Empowers

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I-vuma - our meal shake with 24 vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

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14 8th Avenue, Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
[email protected]
Business Description

What is i-vuma?
I-vuma is food for all from 1 year and above!
It is a meal or a shake. One product, that can be breakfast or lunch or dinner.
In fact, you can even have it for any two of your daily meals!
Quick and easy to prepare – simply add water, milk or fruit juice, or,
vuma with an i-vuma smoothie!
Contains 24 Vitamins and Minerals!

What does it do?
I-vuma has 24 vitamins and minerals that can give your body all the
necessary oomph to maintain great levels of performance.
Vitamins, minerals and nutrients are absolutely essential
for our bodies to be able to: fight stress and hyperactivity, AD(H)D; improve
skin conditions; enhance memory and concentration; increase and maintain
energy levels and productivity; build and tone muscles for a healthier body.

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Check out my Online store and browse all the latest merchandise!
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