• Blackberry Torch 9800 Unlocked Phone with 5 MP Cam
  • Digital Voice Recorder MR-320/340/380
  • Repairs to the sprinkler system
    New tubing in zones 4 and 5 in driveway, replace 9 sprinkler heads, all excavation and clean-up completed by Paladin labor.
  • Repair outdoor lighting and circuiting destroyed by uprooted tree in driveway.
  • Fire Extinguisher 5 LBS Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical 4A-60BC w/ Std J-Hook bracket
  • Fire Extinguisher 10 LBS Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical 4A-60BC w/ Std J-Hook bracket
  • Furnish and install fire alarm equipment
    Furnish and install fire alarm equipment in main lobby of building. Includes main panel in lobby, sub-panels on each floor, and twelve (12) Wall mounted Indoor/Outdoor Horn/Strobe w/ clear lens 120V.
  • Replace roof on upper level of home at 4 Quail Run, Hampton Bays NY.
    400 square feet of roofing
  • Mulching (per yard)
  • Tree planting post Hurricane Sandy
    Planting of 1 tree at the rate of $600.00 per tree ($300.00 for labor and $300.00 for one 6ft tree).
  • Hurricane Sandy Clean-up
    Clean-up all debris from Hurricane Sandy including: cut up into pieces and remove all downed trees and branches, turn branches into mulch, clean-up of flooded basement and removal of ruined furniture and other misc. items. Drain and refill pool with clean water.
  • Rental of wood chipper and truck, removal of debris.
    Rental of wood chipper and truck for removal of all wood chips and other debris from the property.
  • Supply labor for property cleaning
    Furnish labor and necessary equipment for cutting and clearing all fallen tree branches from the property at 4 Quail Run, Hampton Bays, NY. _____ .
  • Supervising transport of materials from NYC to Hampton Bays
  • Power Wash exterior of Hampton Bays House
  • Planting of (1) Cherry Tree
  • Hrly rate for Procurement services
  • Materials Nec.
  • Materials
  • 1 hour of General Procurement Services for work completed 8/28/12
  • Furnish and supply all labor and cleaning supplies.
    Pre-inspection cleaning of entire townhouse.
  • Setup furniture in 1st Floor Apartment for viewing
  • Removal of toilet frame and shopping cart from rooftop of Building
  • Delivery of equipment and surplus material to 4 Quail Run, Hampton Bays, NY.
  • Removal of Equipment and surplus materials from 350 55th Street New York, NY.
    Removal of construction equipment and surplus materials from 350 55th Street New York, NY. 10022 with delivery to 4 Quail Run, Hampton Bays. NY.
  • Power wash sidewalk in front of building and facade in front a back of building.
  • Prepare penthouse apartment for final building inspection
  • Cleanup rooftop garden and deck for final inspection
  • Hourly rate for general procurement services
  • Furnish and supply all labor and cleaning supplies.
  • Setup all furnishings floors C-4
  • Removal of debris from floors C-4
  • Cleanup and prep for building dept. approval
  • Removal of scaffolding on the front facade of the building
  • Planting of Delicious Red Apple Tree
  • Removal of scaffolding on rear side of building
  • Removal of construction debris and material from rear yard of job site.
  • Canvas Shade-Sails 27' x 15' 6" x 29'
    Shade sails are both whimsical and sophisticated, offering majestic, architecturally-soaring yet practical shade options for patios, playgrounds, parks, and commercial spaces. Sail shades can be combined in sets of multiple units, set at various heights and/or in multiple colors to create a visually striking and artistic structure that will complement nearly any building or landscape style.
  • Procurement (Hourly)
    Hourly rate for general Procurement Services
  • Schonbek AXT0808 Crystal Single Light, Up Lighting Table Lamp
    Crystal Single Light Up Lighting Table Lamp from the Geometrix ™ Aleax Collection Single light up lighting table lamp Available with Swarovski or Strass crystal options Requires: 1 60w Medium base bulb (not included) Line Voltage
  • Schonbek DVR1212 : Crystal Twelve Light Down Lighting Ceiling Fixture
    Twelve Light Semi Flush Ceiling Fixture from the Geometrix™ Da Vinci CollectionTwelve light down lighting semi flush ceiling fixture Featuring: Swarovski or Strass crystal options Requires: 12 40w G9 base Halogen bulbs (included) Line Voltage
  • Weekly rental of scaffolding
    Scaffolding covering the front and rear sides of the townhouse. This amount is due weekly until the windows and balconies are secured and inspection is complete.
  • Limestone Delivery and installation to the facade of the Townhouse at 350 E 55th Street
    Limestone blocks delivered on 06/01/12 to 350 E. 55th Street, New York, NY. 10022. This invoice includes the cost of the metal fasteners for the blocks, but not the cost of the scaffolding.
  • Furnish and install one (1) Bose Lifestyle® V35 Home Entertainment System.
    Furnish and completely install the Bose Lifestyle® V35 Home Entertainment System with Premium Jewel Cube® speakers in 5.1 surround sound in the client's new apartment. Also included: Advanced Functionality Training for the client and his family so that they can make the most of their system. Not Included: Any peripherals or accessories that would not normally come with the basic Lifestyle® V35.
  • Additional Research Fee (quarter of an hour)
    This fee is assessed when researching a particular item takes longer than what is anticipated, or when furnishing and item to the client occurs outside of normal business hours.
  • Bell & Gosset Pump, Centrifugal
    In-line Centrifugal Pump, 15 HP, 3 Phase, 3500 RPM, Feet of Head @ 160 GPM 194.
  • Shipping and Handling fees
    Handling fee is added if it is necessary for Paladin Procurement to secure and transport the item to their location for shipment preparation.
  • Grundfos Circulator Pump, Open, 900 watts
    Circulator Pump, Open Loop, Variable Speed, Voltage 230, 1 Phase, Amps 3.9, Inlet/Outlet GF 53 In Flanged, Stainless Steel Housing Material, Face to Face Dimension 11-1/2 In., Max. Temp. 200 Degrees F, Max. Working Pressure 175 PSI, Stainless Steel Impeller Material, Auto Thermal Protection
  • Finished Drawings of Canvas Shade-Sails for 350 E. 55th Street, New York, NY.
    Cost of the finished drawings for the canvas shade-sails that will adorn the balconies of the townhouse at 350 E 55th Street, New York, NY.
  • Research and Design of Canvas Shade-Sails
    Hourly rate for research on the materials and labor required for the canvas shade-sails that are to be installed over the balconies at 350 E. 55th Street, New York, NY. Included in these hours: research on cost of materials, labor, and construction of canvas shade-sails as per the client's direction , as well as the possible difficulties that the client might face during the installation process. Not included in these hours: finished drawings/ installation.
  • Removal and Relocation of stone flooring
    Supply the labor and furnish the materials required to remove the stone flooring from 350 E. 55th Street New York, NY. and deliver the rock to 4 Quail Run, Hampton Bays, NY. Upon delivery, the rock must be stacked to the clients specifications.
  • Removal and Relocation of wood joist
    Furnish and supply the labor required for removal and relocation of all the wood joist from 350 E. 56th Street, NNew York, NY. tand deliver to 4 Quail Run., Hampton Bays, NY.. and stack the wood as required by the client.