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Passion Parties by Miranda


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509 Leslie Drive, Del City, OK509 Leslie DrDel City, Oklahoma 73115United States
Passion Parties by Miranda
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Passion Parties are the most talked about and the most popular in-home fun-party you can have! Great for: Girls Night In, Mommy's Night Out, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Divorce Celebrations, Birthdays, Holiday Parties. Our presentations are tasteful, educational, free & most importantly, FUN!
Book Your Party Today. Visit my website and fill out the form or call me at 405)406-6853

At Passion Parties------Everyday is Valentine's Day!!!
Passion Parties offers a wide selection of sensual products that are designed to enhance the intimacy & romance in your life. Our products range from mild to wild and include items for men & women. In addition to our line of quality bedroom toys, we offer the finest lubricants, edibles and accessories to spice up your relationship. Our in-home parties are the best way to experience our products but you may also shop online if you are ready to buy that special something.
Become a consultant---get paid to party!!! Visit my website and fill out the form

If you are seeking an exceptional income earning opportunity, income potential without limits, the independence to balance work with family and leisure time, the prestige of a company car and international vacation travel, this opportunity may be the answer for you or someone you know!
Call me today at 406-406-6853 or go to or email me at [email protected]

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