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Pulsair Systems

Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

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P.O. Box 562, Bellevue, Washington, United States, 98009
Dick Parks
Business Description

Pulsair Systems build powerful industrial mixing and blending systems that improve tank utilization, promote faster mixing, improve operation efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Many customers have see up to 95% improvements in energy saving after switching from mechanical mixers and air spargers. Our vertical mixing process is suitable for any tank size or any number of tanks. The Pulsair mixing process mixes 100% of the tank's contents at any liquid level. Pulsair's air mixing solutions are available in a wide range of models and configuration designed to meet a variety of mixing and blending requirements. It is the versatility, durability and dependability of Pulsair's liquid mixing systems that so many companies worldwide have come to rely on for their mixing solutions. Pulsair's air mixing solutions are successfully used in a variety of industries such as petroleum & lubrication, wastewater mixing, chemical mixing, paint mixing, slurry, rail tanker cars, food & beverages, wine cap management, diving bubbler systems and much more.

chemical mixing, wine cap fermentation, additive mixing, adhesive mixing, asphalt sealcoating, diving pool bubbler systems, paints & coating, wastewater treatment, water storage tank, pulp & paper, tote container mixing, mixing fluids with industrial gases

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