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RochMark Security Solutions

Consumer Services

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4846 N University Drive #205, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351
Juliet Roache
Business Description

RochMark CCTV Security Solution provides the most efficient security protection for your home or business - quality service and quality equipment.
RochMark CCTV offers a wide range of turn-key security solutions designed to keep your home & business safe and secure.
We are head quartered in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, and take pride in providing the best quality equipment, service, tech support and a complete solution for the integration of CCTV Surveillance systems. Rochmark is a true “one-stop” manufacturer/supplier/ integrator, providing end-to-end hardware and software solutions.
RochMark is a total CCTV Video Surveillance solutions providing Surveillance Cameras -PTZ's,(pan-tilt zoom, Domes, Vandal Proof, LPR (license plate recognition) DVR's, Video Baluns,& Power Supplies.

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