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Sri Sresti Marketing Solutions

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Business Info
16-3-32/C, Kowtha street, Purnanandampet, Vijayawada, India, 520003
[email protected]
Business Description

Our solar light and portable power system kits are useful for hospitals, operation theaters, surgical homes, passage ways, path ways, dispensaries, nursing homes, hotels, lodgings, rest houses, inns, boarding rooms, waiting rooms, travelling homes, hostels, primary schools, colleges, universities, cafes, medical shops, industrial sheds, watchman house, watchman sheds, watchman cabins, security cabins, homes, houses, farm houses, apartments, huts, sheds, pharmaceutical companies, machinery industries, cloth and hosiery making installations, food and milk units, cattle sheds, poultry sheds, animal husbandry, fish and prawn ponds / culture, coastal areas, hill top areas, path ways, temples, church, mosque, gurudwaras, meditational areas, prayer halls, marriage halls, reception counters, arrival and departure terminals in bus stops, stations, ticket counters, reservation counters, parcel offices, commercial offices, godowns, basements, underground lighting, swimming pool lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, field lighting, agriculture lighting, farming, parking areas, cellars, gas stations, petrol bunks, rain shelters, bus shelters, cyclone shelters, anicut and bund lighting, street lighting, corridor lighting, tunnel lighting, agriculture lighting, signage, billboard lighting, wall washers, advertisement lighting, parking bays, balcony lighting, play ground lighting, high mast lighting, flood lighting, emergency exits, emergency lighting, etc

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