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What is Planet Soho?

PlanetSoho Support Team
asked this on May 17, 2011, 14:16

Planet Soho is a platform that allows users to more easily and efficiently manage your business online, the platform allows you to:

  • Manage all of your contacts and arrange them into various categories, such as: leads, personal contacts, clients, and vendors.
  • Create and send invoices, estimates, and purchase orders.
  • Time tracking of billable hours.
  • Increase your online visibility to generate leads with your own Online business card.
  • Inventory management; and document storage
  • Get paid via PayPal
  • Provides instant marketing tools

PlanetSoho is a community for small offices and home offices (SOHOs) businesses that provides various functions to help grow their businesses. PlanetSoho provides SOHOs with a variety of services:

  • PlanetSoho platform - a powerful suite of web-based tools.
  • PlanetSoho Blog with regular posts providing business advice.
  • PlanetSoho Directory - a directory of all PlanetSoho users.
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