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How do I add a vendor?

PlanetSoho Support Team
asked this on May 17, 2011 17:07

There are two ways to add a client to PlanetSoho.

  • Click on the +New button in the blue menu at the top of the page and select Vendor, fill in the appropriate information (only fields with asterisks next to them are required), and then click the orange Save button.
  • You can also add a new vendor directly through purchase orders: in the Contact field of your purchase order, choose +Add New Contact - this will open up the Create New Vendor menu which displays only the Name and Email options, if you wish to populate more information, click the Show more details link just below the Email field. Once you have filled in all the information, click the orange Save button and your new vendor will be added to your account and you will return to the purchase order editor.
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