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The Hard Trade

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The Hard Trade
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The Hard Trade is a daily newsletter for investors, traders, financial advisors, and interested by-standers.

We started The Hard Trade in 2007 with the idea that “the hard trade” is often the most profitable. The hard trade requires an investor or trader to be contrarian, to aggregate information, and to make – often uncomfortable – decisions. This newsletter and the discussions it stimulates will hopefully lead you to be a better investor and trader, and will provide you with actionable ideas, timelines, enhanced context, predictions, and historical interpretation (or re-interpretation, when necessary). You will encounter stimulating questions and fresh perspectives, as well as relevant news, probing analysis, and investable themes. Alongside debates on finance, investing, and economics, you are also likely to find talk of psychology, process, and evaluation criteria.

Our goal is to simplify the complex, think critically and independently, challenge those around us, and, in the process, become better investors.

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