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Weylin Ryan: Titanium Spork Productions

Computer Hardware

Business Info
1700 County Road 203 Unit A-203 Durango, Co. 81301
Business Description

Titanium Spork specializes in computer and audio visual needs. Whether your looking to touch up some old family photos, or get or computer running again; we have the know how and skill to help you out.

Here at Titanium Spork we have expertise in both Windows and Macintosh computers. We can diagnose and repair software and hardware issues. We are experts at recovering lost data from broken computers or if you accidentally deleted files. If you are in need of securely deleting data off your hard drive we can do that too. If you are worried about confidentiality we are regularly contracted through the government to do work at senators, post offices, and other government offices. We offer a Live Remote Assistance tool which allows us to take over your computer as you speak directly with one of our technicians.

Our A/V guru’s are can transfer media to the digital state. We can also help you with your digital photo and video needs. From editing home footage, to mastering DVD’s.

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