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At VIGATEL there is a wide range of services to choose from, as it is our constant aim to provide complete solutions to our client & partners to empower them in the current market conditions.

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19266 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
(302) 468 5994
(302) 468 5983
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Auto Loan Leads (Auto/Health & Life)

VIGATEL understands the market and the requirement of our different buyers this helps us to generate and offer customized leads which help you close more & generates more business.

As our retail network comprises of Dealerships & Finance Company's both have different goals for Dealerships the primary requirement is to clear their inventory and get customers in their area, thus we provide option of buying leads with zip filter which assures that you get maximum walk-ins to your showroom. Finance companies look forward to issue loans and thus we have ensured that there is a minimum income and valid employment type filters set so Finance criteria are satisfied.

New Car Leads

The New Car Leads generated at VIGATEL are primarily for the manufacturer hence we work on getting specific details right to the colour of the car.

Insurance Leads

We understand that the insurance industry is huge and has cut throat competition, so we help our partner company's get new prospect customers every hour. Our Insurance Leads are complete and the pre-screening filters make sure that you don't get your existing customers as that is not what you are looking.

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