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Wish Upon A Star

Consumer Services

Professional Project Management & Supply of Interior Decor, furniture, Blinds, Carpeting & flooring, Lab equipment & consumables, catering supplies:crockery, cutlery, etc, food parcels & more

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Christine Pretorius
+2712803 3952
079 976 2792
086 656 7174
Business Description

In 12 years of servicing customers we have mastered Client service. We respect our clients needs and provide a service that protects the client and ensures that they get what the want at a good price, within a dedicated turnaround time. We have done research on all our Manufacturers and only make use of the best. We negotiate on your behalf and only use qualified suppliers. We have serviced the industry in various fields, i.e, furniture manufacture and assembly, food parcels, artwork, flooring, catering supplies and recently added Medical Research Clients to our list of satisfied customers. If you are looking for personal attention to detail and peace of mind, look no further than Wish Upon a Star.

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