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wooden wine and Apple Crates


We sell Used, Authentic, Vintage, Wooden wine crates, wine boxes, wine panel ends, rustic Bushel boxes, Fruit Crates, Fruit Trays, Panniers, Musseys, Pear crates, Prune drying racks & apple crates

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Grays, United Kingdom Grays, England United Kingdom
wooden wine and Apple Crates. Vanessa
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Welcome to WOODEN WINE AND APPLE CRATES we are a well established Supplier of wooden stamped wine boxes, wine panel ends & crested wine crate recyclers, Bushel boxes, apple crates, panniers, prune drying racks, Pear crates, onion boxes and fruit trays in Essex, UK.

Our Wooden wine boxes, wine crates, wine panel ends, Pear crates, bushel boxes, apple crates, panniers, musseys, prune drying racks, wine cages, wine presses and fruit boxes are all direct from France.

They are all authentic, recycled, used, vintage, eco-friendly, rustic crates that we sell wholesale.


We have many interior designers that use our company to design their clients bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, cellars and more...

Our wine panels, wine crates, apple crates, panniers, musseys, bushel boxes and wine boxes are Eco-friendly, Recycled and reusable in the home, office, restaurant, shop, bar, pub, cellar or club.

All our wine boxes and crates are FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council) and covers sustainable tree growth.

OUR APPLE CRATES AND BUSHEL BOXES:- Antique 1950’s and 60’s reclaimed French apple crates, known as ‘Bushel Crates’, come with a variety of original producers names branded on the sides, please note a small portion of stock may not have any name branded on them. These genuine vintage crates were in regular use up until recently, so they come with a rustic authenticity and no two boxes will be the same. Sizes vary slightly from batch to batch as you would expect with an original product sourced from an array of French farmers! Don’t be surprised if there’s the odd blemish of countryside dirt or century old cobwebs – we won’t be washing these crates; perfection isn’t always perfect, and their weathered appearance creates a charm we wouldn’t want to mess with. As a visual merchandising solution apple crates are perfect within a retail environment, but also a highly sought after gift for domestic home use.

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