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Zeetek India


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Faridabad, Haryana, India Faridabad, Haryana India
Zeetek India
Business Description

Zee Recharge Presents:

One SIM to All Mobile Recharge!!

Four way Recharging Solution:

1. Recharge from Website

2. Recharge from Desktop Application

3. Recharge from Mobile by sending SMS

4. Recharge from Mobile by using GPRS

Join The Fastest Growing Utility Business.

Wanted Retailer & Area Distributor

ZeeRecharge Presents "All Mobile and DTH Recharge from One SIM/Account". Seventeen Mobile Operator, Six DTH Operator and Six DATA CARD Operator is associated with us!

Plan Price Offer
Retailer INR 1,000 Get the four way recharging system.
EarnUp to 3.5% commission on every Recharge!!

Area Distributor INR 10,000+S.Tax(12.36%) Area Distributor Panel
Able to Create Retailers
Unlimited Retailer @ 1000 or 500
Margine will be Up to 0.5%

White Label/API/Your Own Company INR 50,000+S.Tax(12.36) API/White Label Partner Can Creat Unlimited Master Distributors/Distributors & Retailer
Margine will Be Up to 0.7%

We also provide API based White Label Solution to start your own Recharging Website!!
For details Please Call Us Or Mail Us :-
Mobile : +91-8092149701
Email :- [email protected]

Call @ 08092149701
[email protected]

Check the features of Recharge and Other Services

Online Mobile & DTH Recharge
Zeerecharge presents Online Recharge facility to Recharge All Mobile/DTH and Data Card
Desktop Application Software
Desktop Application Software gives fast and easy recharge without opening our website
SMS Based Recharge
Use SMS Based Recharge by sending SMS through your Mobile to our Server/Dedicated numbers
GPRS Based Recharge
Download Mobile Application for GPRS enable handset for GPRS Based Recharge facility
Bulk SMS Service
Increase your sales by sending Bulk SMS for promoting your services or providing support
Bulk Voice Call
Communicate with your customer to through pre-recorded voice call to their Mobile/Land Phone
2 Way Messaging
Use 2 Way messaging between you and your customers/clie

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