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5 Successful Food Sites Built By Moms

Nothing compares to home cooking. Sure you can get an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant, but that’s just missing something. There’s something special about food that is made with love. That’s why people so fondly say a well cooked meal is “just like mom used to make”.

Unfortunately we can’t always enjoy mom’s cooking. Luckily woman entrepreneurs have taken their cooking online. There are plenty of business success stories in food blogs by moms looking to share their culinary motherly love. By taking their business online, these successful woman entrepreneurs share comfort food like never before.

Here are a few examples of great food blogs by moms:

In Praise of Leftovers
Leftovers: words that will make any hungry child cringe. But leftovers have their place in any home. Sarah Murphy-Kangas, a Seattle mom and organizational consultant, argues that leftovers can be a fun and frugal family treat. As she describes it, the thrill of the leftovers is in improvising a meal out of random items in the fridge. Any woman entrepreneur who is also a mom can vouch for the time saving power of leftovers. For any frugal foodie, Sarah’s recipes provide a great way to cook on a budget.

Evil Chef Mom
Krysta named her blog Evil Chef Mom because it’s hard to raise four kids and not act a little evil sometimes. Krysta was able to become another of the business success stories through her robust offerings of original content. All the photos are done by her, she experiments with each recipe and she even offers the occasional giveaway. She may feel a little evil sometimes, but taking her business online was nearly divine.

Under the High Chair
Kids are picky eaters; even professional chefs like Aimee finds her food thrown “under the high chair”. Yet when she took her business online, Aimee joined many other woman entrepreneurs combing their love for cooking and being a mother. By making meals that an entire family can enjoy, Aimee gives another example of these business success stories.

Love From the Oven
Christi hates to cook. Not what you’d expect from a food blog is it? When Christi took her business online, it wasn’t for cooking, it was for baking! Unlike the many other culinary professionals on this website, Christi’s blog is dedicated to cookies, cakes and anything else that comes straight from the oven.

Mmm is for Mommy
Although Heather has had a lot of success taking her business online, her success extends beyond her blog. Many of the recipes from her site have been featured on other highly popular food sites and books. Heather even had a feature in Women’s World Magazine. By spreading her recipes across different media, Heather stands tall amongst these other featured woman entrepreneurs.

For those who love cooking, there are plenty of business success stories to encourage anyone to pursue this passion. In the meantime, the rest of us can browse these websites and do our best to recapture a taste of food the way “mom used to make”.

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