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5 Winery Success Stories

The wine industry may seem like it is becoming a little crowded these days, but there are many recent business success stories. Successful wineries are cropping up all over the world. From small family businesses, to ambitious event oriented locations, successful wineries can be found everywhere. Below are just a few of these more recent business success stories.

Maryhill Winery (Washington)

Maryhill Winery opened in 2001, but it wasn’t long before it became the 15th largest winery in a state seemingly overflowing with successful wineries. Craig and Vicki Leuthold established this family business with the goal of creating a destination winery. Hard work and excellent location have made this another of the business success stories. The secrets to their quick growth? Quality wine in a beautiful location with a 4,000 seat theatre that hosts popular plays and concerts.

Three Brothers Winery (Nebraska)

Amongst recent successful wineries is the Three Brothers Winery. Started in 2002 by Gary Wach as a retirement project of sorts, the winery is now his full-time family business.  Wach’s winery attracts visitors thanks to fairs and festivals in the area, not to mention tours on the new Heart of Nebraska Wine Trail. Wach’s business success story is not an accident as much research was done to determine where and what to grow. Effectively growing and producing wine is never easy. Wach is a good example of properly preparing to ensure a valuable family business.

Wine by Joe/Dobbes Family Estate (Oregon)

Joe Dobbes is the sole owner of Wine by Joe and Dobbes Family Estate, which he established in 2002. Dobbes worked internationally gaining experience before he finally felt ready to start his own winery in Oregon. Joe’s experience and closeness with his employees have added greatly to his success. In order to join the ranks of notable business success stories, sometimes you need to take some time working with those who have already done well. Having seen his fair share of successful wineries, Dobbes is now a shining example for anyone hoping to crack into this tough business.

L’Acadie Vineyards (Nova Scotia)

Releasing its first wines in 2008, L’Acadie has quickly established itself as a premier producer of Traditional Method Sparkling Nova Scotia wine. L’Acadie is only the ninth winery in the province and leading research on how to best develop wine in the area. Due to the cold climate of the area, unique challenges exist for winemakers. Successful wineries are overcoming these troubles and creating very distinct wines as a result. Sometimes the best business success stories come from branching into previously untapped areas.

Prairie Berry Winery (South Dakota)

South Dakota is not often thought of as a leader in making wine, but there are a few successful wineries in the state. Prarie Berry Winery is just one of the business success stories from this region. Ralph Vojta and his daughter Sandy Vojta are the heirs to a long tradition of winemaking that goes back to 1876. While their family has been making wine for generations, it wasn’t until 1996 that they commercialized their winery into a family business. As one of only thirteen reported commercial wineries in the state, the Prarie Berry Winery has been doing very well for itself. The wines regularly win awards, such as “Best in Class” for their Raspberry Honeywine at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

There are many business success stories continuing to break through the expanding wine industry and there is still room for more successful wineries. Anyone looking to create their own family or get into a family business just needs to follow by example: doing diligent research, gaining experience, and generally working hard.


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