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The 8 Biggest Reasons Why Being Your Own Boss Rules

Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park. There are uncertainties, hardships, and long hours. But most entrepreneurs believe the benefits far outweigh the costs. Perhaps the most cited reason for taking the plunge into entrepreneurship: the ability to be your own boss.

We think being your own boss is awesome. Here are 8 reasons why:

1. It’s less soul-crushing than a cubicle job - If you’re the boss, you set the dress code, the clock-in time. And whether you want to work from the office, starbucks, or the beach, no one can stop you. Also, you never have to settle for “that’s just the way it is.” You can do things your way, red tape-free.

2. Mondays suck less - Instead of being depressed on Sunday night knowing we have to go to work the next day, we feel exhilarated because we know on Monday we get to do what we love! You have to have a “passion for the enterprise”, says Charles Goetz, senior lecturer at Emory University’s business school in a recent article. When you do, work becomes fun.

3.You have creative control - Walking the entrepreneurial path enables you to design your business, make your own decisions, and watch it grow. There’s nothing like the pure joy that comes with creating.

4.What you do matters - As an entrepreneur, the success of the business lies on your shoulders. Your actions, decisions, and plans make a difference in the success or failure of your business. You’re not a cog in some machine; you’re the brains behind it.

5.It’s exhilarating - Although running a business is a roller coaster, it’s faster and more thrilling than the monotonous carousel of the corporate world. There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving challenging goals. Starting a business, nurturing it, and watching it succeed, is a rush.

6. Security - In a down economy, people worry about cutbacks, layoffs, or even being fired. Goetz says there are really no corporate lifetime guarantees anymore.

When you’re your own boss, you may need to shift the focus of your business or give yourself a pay cut when times are tough, but you won’t get fired.

7.Lifestyle - More freedom, independence, and family time are just a few reasons that people choose the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Author and partner of Emergent Research, Steve King says in his blog that some entrepreneurs choose the entrepreneurial lifestyle solely to have the time to pursue their other hobbies and interests.

8.The Sky’s The Limit - Not having your salary capped by your employer means that you are in charge of your income. An employee often looks at ways to save money. An entrepreneur looks at ways to make money. Having the potential to create unlimited wealth beyond your wildest dreams - yes, that’s another reason why being your own boss rules.

We’re love the startup life and all the challenges that go with it. Why do you love being your own boss?

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