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Going Green In Your Business To Save Greens

Putting aside the controversial views on global warming, it is hard to deny that companies are continually being pushed to “go green” in light of ever growing environmental concerns., s For small businesses, the pressure to minimize their carbon footprint is significantly less due to a much smaller foot sizeo to speak. Despite reduced pressure, the “green movement” is still big enough to have influence on any small business.

The visibility of efforts to curtail purported environmental damage has increased in recent years. Being able to label your small business as an environmentally friendly operation has fairly obvious advantages. Perhaps more importantly, however, is that it is also possible to cut down on costs through effective “green” procedures. In order to be environmentally friendly you don’t need to make major changes. Even small but effective changes to your daily office routine can make a big impact. Here are 10 small but effective ways you can go green and save green:

1. Turn off equipment

Going home turn your computer off – this step can really save you money as well while you are helping the planet. Same goes to coffee makers, printers, TV sets, AC, lights, and pretty much any electronic device that you don’t need to be on while you are not there.

2. Reduce paper related waste- fax/printing emails

As business becomes more digitized, there is less of a need to spend excessive amounts of money on paper supplies. Sending more emails and online invoices instead of printed versions is just one way to cut down on costs. Beyond that, saving files online as opposed to in physical storage means not losing anything to fire or water damage.

3. Recycle (Bottles / papers)

A good start is to put recycling bins around your place of business. Make it convenient to recycle. Once you have these bins it should become just as easy to recycle your bottles and paper as it would be to throw them in the trash.

4. Buy ENERGY STAR qualified products

The Energy Star seal is a great indicator of an energy efficient product. When making big purchases like a refrigerator for the break room or a new computer, make sure the product has the Energy Star seal. Started in 1990s in the United States, the Energy Star program has been intended to help consumers curb energy consumption through smarter purchases. Hopefully this takes some of the guesswork out of your green shopping.

5. Use ceiling fans

Air conditioning can be expensive and uses a considerable amount of energy. Ceiling fans provide a much cheaper alternative. These are good choices for offices and store locations, amongst other business venues. Just make sure to turn off your fans when leaving the room!

6. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents

Incandescent light bulbs are being phased out many markets already. California, for example, is looking to have incandescent light bulbs replaced with more energy efficient alternatives by 2018. Incandescent light bulbs use more energy and have a shorter life than fluorescents. Switching to fluorescent lighting can save money on energy consumption and will allow you to use your bulbs for longer without constant replacement.

7. Unplug chargers to avoid continual bleeding of power

Electronics, when left plugged in, continue to consume power even when switched off. Sometimes simply turning off equipment is not enough and you should fully unplug TVs, cell chargers, sound systems, and anything else you can when closing up for the night. If during the day you aren’t going to be using an electronic device, unplug it until you need it again. You will find that the energy savings will be far more noticeable than you could have imagined.

8. Use blinds

Installing blinds into your office/store windows can save your energy consumption in a few ways. In the winter, close the blinds to help keep the office warmer. This cuts down on the need to spend so much money on expensive and energy sapping air conditioning.  When it is sunny, you can just open the blinds to reduce the need for artificial light and let the warm sun in.

9. Don’t use plastic cups/plates

Keep your kitchen stocked with reusable plates, cups and silverware rather than those made of disposable plastic. This way when you or your employees make lunch in the break room, they can reuse plates, cups and silverware without having to throw away their utensils with each meal. This will save on waste consumption and require you to spend less in restocking your kitchen.

10. Phase out gas-guzzling company vehicles

Replacing trucks or other gas-guzzling vehicles in your company fleet can also help with costs. This can be costly, however, so it is a good idea to slowly phase in these more efficient vehicles. Any individual hybrid can represent a sizable acquisition for a developing business.  However, if your company puts in a lot of miles, the change can be worth it in the long run.

“Going green” is a popular movement and thus it is imperative that you let your customers know the actions that you are taking. You don’t need to hit them over the head with your recent changes, but definitely make note of it in a few public places. Making notice of it on your company website, Twitter, or Facebook is one good choice as are other means such as making notices in your store window, front office, or wherever your business is publically conducted.

Keeping customers in the loop is an excellent start, but you can also directly engage employees for their own input or participation in your efforts to go green. This can help by actively promoting your business as a green operation while simultaneously getting clients involved in your company

The green movement is fast becoming a lucrative aspect of industry. It seems sensible that ideals of conservation should help with business efficiency and, for the part, this holds true. With so many companies taking advantage of this movement, maybe it’s time your business did the same? Smartly invest in the earth and gain dividends in annual savings and peace of mind.

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