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Job Versus Business Mentality

Job Versus Business Mentality

In my Primary Networking Business I often see people who have a Job Mentality who want to have, or think they want to have a Business. They’re often frustrated with their job and dream about starting a Business, Networking or otherwise. However, they want to do so with what I refer to as a Job Mentality!

So, what’s the difference? there can only be so many

When we have a job, we know that when we show up we get paid.
We know that we have regular, or somewhat regular hours, and
that someone somewhere tells us what to do and when!

Yet, with a job comes a regular wage and what most people consider to be security.
They require a regular wage, and are happy to grumble about someone else shaping their future!

No problem with that, it seems to be the choice of hundreds of thousands who have regular jobs and help move things forward for society and for business owners. After all we can only have so many Business Owners, right!?

Well, not really, well maybe in part, however… those of us who have  Business Mentality, we know that despite the job security most people seem to have, there are only about 5% of the over all population that will retire after 40 years with enough money to be self sufficient, and only about 1% which will be wealthy!

Even so, those with a Job Mentality look at the money and time Business Owners invest into their Businesses. Often struggling in the first few years and not having a regular wage, nor the security of a job!

So, those with a Job Mentality look at entrepreneurs with a Business Mentality, and wonder if it’s worth it!

The truth is most businesses fail in their first year, even more are gone within their first five years, and so those with a Job Mentality may have a valid point!

However, those of us with Business Mentality tend to view the world differently, believing that those with job security are no more secure than those with Businesses! Even new Businesses! Seeing whereas many businesses go out of business on a regular basis, and employees, and even long standing employees, are fired at alarming rates! Those of us with Business Mentality believe that there really is no more security in a job than in a business.

However, most people who have a job, are and always will be Just Over Broke!
Wages are controlled by Governments and Minimum Wage Laws, and not necessarily the profits of the Business. Whereas the Business Owner believes that when they grow the business, their income share will grow accordingly.

So is there a right or a wrong? Perhaps not! (I cringe as I write that!)

However, for those who have a Job Mentality they may never be comfortable with the uncertainty of owning a business. Yet for those of us who are truly entrepreneurs at heart, who have a true Business Mentality, it’s like being a writer or a painter, in many ways We don’t have a choice! Writers write, Painters paint, and Entrepreneurs with a Business Mentality run Businesses!

Believing n our hearts that we are not only doing what we do to secure a future, but to help others needing our help, our services, our products, and to contribute in the way in which we feel most comfortable, depsite all the pitfalls and insecurity those of us with a Business Mentality press on, believing We’re making a difference, believing we’re part of a bigger movement, and believing, in maany cases, We’re doing what we must!

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