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What We Do Now Determines Our Future Success

When we begin in any business, we try to plan and work toward a future goal. Whether we’re in a Bricks and Mortar Business, or a Home Based, or Network Marketing Business, we do not know what the future holds, and to a great extent we can only imagine what might happen. The one thing we can control is what we do right now!

Regardless if this is our first day, our first week, month, year, or decade, what we do now, affects the future of our business, and our lives, and the success in both!

Yes, in both, as we begin, build, and maintain our Business, we must also remember to make time for Family and Friends! It’s better to schedule them in, than it is to leave them out! My Life Partner and I have two scheduled date nights, Tuesday and Friday. This insures we have quality time together, away from our Business and business Activities!

This may seem strange to some, as My Primary Business, is with a Home Based Network Marketing Company, and since my Partner only works seasonally, we already spend much of our time together! However it is important to schedule specific times for personal time away from Business Activities! Thus making a commitment to Family and Friends becomes part of the Business Plan!

This break from Business makes time for Personal Success, and it gets you out and away from Your Business, which helps provide clarity, relaxation, and allows us to recharge our batteries, returning to our Business a couple time a week with new vigor and a fresh perspective!

The time away, is as important as the time spent doing business activities!

The activities we do in our Business and the time we schedule away from our Business, especially in the early days, even the first year or two, have helped us reach the success we now enjoy! Doing so, in a way which includes Family and Friends, has helped us enjoy success in both our Business and Personal Lives. Remember also to plan the other areas of life, make time for the things that matter to You!

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