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Dare To Set Impossible Goals

I’ve worked as a commissioned salesman, or been self-employed, for most of my life, and after having worked for numerous companies where the carrot (reward) was always just out of reach, I had all but given up setting goals!

I should say that I’ve always excelled at sales, love marketing and have always been in the upper percentile when compared to other new sales people within many of the companies I’ve worked for, with the exception being MLM and network marketing companies (my current primary business is the exception when it comes to network marketing companies; it’s the only one I’ve excelled at!!!)

So, when it comes to making business goals, future plans, and so on, it’s not something that comes easy to me. I used to make plans, dreams, and they never came to fruition and I used to become discouraged.

So, I all but stopped setting goals and making future plans, and yet, they are needed to move forward with our business and in life.

About a year and a half ago I found what works for me, and perhaps, if you’ve become discouraged, and stopped dreaming and goal setting it may work for you also. I began setting impossible goals. Goals I knew, or thought, were impossible for me to reach! For example, my first impossible goal was to add 8 new associates to my primary business in the month of Sept 2010. The most I’d ever added in a month prior to that was 4 and so for me this was an impossible goal.

As a result I enrolled 6 new Associates and helped one to enroll one, thus 7 new associates in one month! Yes, I failed to reach my impossible goal… However, because I set the impossible goal, it allowed me to open my mind and proceed with activities that caused me to do more than I’d ever done before. Since then, I’ve even surpassed my impossible goal and had one month when I personally enrolled 11 new associates and helped one to enroll one, to a total of 12 new associates in a month. I’ve continued to set impossible goals, and often surpass them in that month or in a month not too far hence.

So, for me setting impossible goals opened my mind to doing more. In fact there are months when I get busy doing stuff, and don’t set impossible goals, and these months are never as good as when I do.

So, if you’re discouraged, have trouble setting goals, and making future plans, try setting impossible goals. Then go after them, knowing it’s alright to fail, because it’s impossible anyway, and my bet is you’ll do more, in less time, and more effectively, than you ever have before, simply because you’ve effectively got rid of the fear of failure.

I’d love to hear from you, I’d love to hear about your goals, your failures, and your successes, and how this article or the idea of setting impossible goals has helped you. I know many of you may have more traditional bricks and mortar type business, however by being creative I’m sure you can apply the same principle to your business; and I’d love to hear about that also!

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