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10 Small Pinterest Tip for Small Business Owners

Pinterest is a new and rising social media network that’s starting to catch the eye of more and more business owners (especially small & medium businesses). It’s simple, it helps direct traffic to your business website and it helps you create more leads for your business.

Some even go as far as saying that Pinterest is more effective in some cases than Facebook. And growth on this free social sharing site has been nothing but phenomenal. Pinterest has already skyrocketed to become the fifth biggest social site, ahead of Google+ and LinkedIn.

Here are 10 small tips that will help you launch your Pinterest account in the most effective way:

1. As of today, Pinterest users have been mostly female (about 65%). So if your customer base is mainly men, Pinterest might not be right for you just yet.

2. Pinterest is mostly a visual site so focus most of your initial efforts there. Now is not the time to save your best visual content for a rainy day.

3. Don’t be fixed on only putting photos on your pinboard, you can also put pin charts, graphs and other graphics.

4. Once you’re on the site, add the Pinterest follow button to your business website, blog (if you have one), other social media pages and even printed media. It’s all about exposure.

5. Make sure the button marked “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines” is OFF.

6. Don’t be skimpy when it comes to details. Remember to use appropriate keywords and geographic locations in your descriptions that will show up in search.

7. Make your content “Pin-able” and encourage sharing.

8. Add a price with the currency sign (i.e. $1) to the product & services description so they show a price and go into the Pinterest gifts section.

9. Rearrange your boards often in order to mix things up and maximize their exposure.

10. Share boards between separate Pinterest account to make it easier to pin at two places at once.

In the end, remember the Pinterest is yet another social media platform. In my previous posts I’ve shared tips regarding other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. All the tips I’ve shared apply here as well (Like remembering to fill in all available data fields, using video to promote products better, staying in touch with followers and more). Now with this new bag of tricks you’re ready to conquer this new social media mountain.

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