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Embrace What You Embrace

When it comes to choosing a business, home-based or otherwise, embrace what you embrace!

Chances are good, very good, that if the business you’re going into is something you embrace, it will be embraced by those you approach and those who become your customers, associates, clients, business partners, etc.

If you enjoy fishing, and it is something you truly embrace, then you’re more likely to embrace and be embraced by those who also embrace fishing, thus quite possibly making it the right choice for you. If, on the other hand, you are not a fisherman (or -woman), then a fishing business is probably not something for you to embrace!

When we embrace something, it reflects in our attitude, and the way we talk to people! People respond to this, and are more likely to embrace what we have to offer!

This is especially true for those thinking about home-based, MLM, or networking businesses. When you are considering starting or getting involved in a business, ask yourself, “Is this something that I really embrace? Is it something I can really be proud to represent? And will people embrace me, my products, and my company?”

If you’re not sure, ask someone (other than your brother-in-law) if you were selling something or running a business, would they buy from you?!

Often the best person to ask is someone in your area or a neighboring area who you don’t know! Those outside of our “friends and family” group are most apt to respect us as businesspeople and give us the most valuable feedback!

So, remember: when you choose a new product line or business, make sure to embrace what you embrace. If you don’t, if you are afraid to mention the company name or products to would-be customers, then think long and hard about whether you want to be involved with such a company or product!

However, when you really feel good about your product and company, and it truly is something you embrace, others will too. And when you embrace what you embrace, you’ll be surprised how well you’ll do and how quickly you’ll be embraced by the success you seek!

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