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You Need To Control Your Business Before It Controls You

When beginning any business it is important to know that You Need To Control Your Business Before It Controls You! Burning out is big among business owners and often results from owners allowing their businesses to control them!

In my primary business, we encourage our sales associates and managers to create a calendar listing their family and important obligations and then mark the times they want to work.

I believe this same concept can be applied in other businesses as well! This way allows businessmen to schedule their time accordingly.

Allow for Personal Time.
Allow time for Family.
Allow time for important obligations.
And plan time to work your business.

Thus, associates, managers, and others will not feel guilty about not spending all their time on business. Not having to feel guilty and not having to be stressed over taking time away from their business, allows for happier workers and business owners! Happier people are more productive, waste less time procrastinating and complaining and can concentrate their efforts on getting more done in less time with more enthusiasm.

So, remember, You Need To Control Your Business Before It Controls You!

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