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It’s Time to Buy Yourself a Hat Rack

Sometimes we forget how many things we are doing at once, and other times we do the right things in the wrong manner. Why we need a hat rack to work better.

As business owners and managers, we are forced to wear many hats during the day. There is one hat for marketing and another for accounting. There is a hat when taking care of our employees and a hat when our partners need something. Last but most important are the various hats we have for different types of customers, all in need of something special.

Each hat represents a different “state of mind” based on the task at hand and the person we are dealing with. As managers, we must understand our desired goal and wear the proper hat, even though on some days the number of hats needed seems endless.

Probably every business owner will be able to think of a meeting in which he or she wore the wrong hat, and an opportunity slipped throw the window.

So how can we stay focused? This is where the hat rack enters the picture. Every manager needs one. This will just consist of a short break, a minute or two, sometimes a bit longer—take your time. Gather your thoughts before you put on your next hat and start engaging in something else.

Stop and summarize in your head, in your cellphone, or even on a piece of paper the central point of what you have just been doing. Now, place the hat back on the hook. Carefully pick up your next hat and before you put it on, take another moment and allow yourself to gather your thoughts. What is the goal of the next meeting? What are you hoping to achieve, and who is going to sit in front of you? Once you feel comfortable and know what your purpose is with this hat, let the new “state of mind” take over, and get to work.

The ability to initiate a pause between various day-to-day activities allows us to better prepare our brains for our next meeting and store the data from the previous task. Feel free to stop, talk to yourself, take one hat off, and wear a new one. If you feel as if you do not have time to stop for a moment, make sure you cancel a meeting or a task; your work will only improve because of this.

And do not worry; the Mad Hatter was not talking to himself.

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