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What Does TechCrunch Say About New PlanetSoho Get Paid Mobile App? Good Things.

One of the top tech review sites on the web, TechCrunch, got an early look at Get Paid, the new mobile app from PlanetSoho. The verdict? It’s a winner for SOHOs.

“I got to play with the app this week and if I were a small businesses owner, especially one with out-calls, I’d find it pretty useful,” said reviewer Roi Carthy.

He pointed to two big advantages for small-business owners:

1) Invoicing. Get Paid not only allows users to create and send invoices on the go, it also shows the status of all invoices and follow up as needed. “The entire ‘back-office’ experience is designed for mobile so it’s effortless to see which invoices are Due, Overdue and Paid,” explained Carthy.

2) Ease of Use. Carthy notes that the app is not just a copy of the SohoOS platform for desktops. Features have been rearranged and optimized for the mobile experience. The action buttons are attached to each invoice to make it easy for users to contact their clients - via email, phone, or text message - directly from each invoice.

Read the entire TechCrunch review here.

Download the free Get Paid mobile app here.

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