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Forbes Sees Value of PlanetSoho

PlanetSoho founder Ron Daniel recently spoke with Forbes about the challenges facing SOHOs and how PlanetSoho helps them overcome these obstacles.

“If you’re a tiny business, you have big problems. You are competing with big companies that enjoy the advantages of scale and scope economies. But thanks to Planet Soho - SOHO is the acronym for Small Office, Home Office businesses - you can get an edge against those big companies by sharing with others of your ilk,” explains Forbes contributor Peter Cohan.

Entrepreneur Ron Daniel has spent countless hours pondering this problem and figuring out how to solve it. PlanetSoho is his innovative solution. It is a free business-management system, sure, but the vision behind it (and ahead of it) is much more.

“I want to change things — to create a more sustainable kind of capitalism,” Daniel told Cohan during their recent interview.

His plan is to create a “virtual corporation” that will encourage SOHOs to join together to offer more than they could on their own. He gave the example of a local health club in San Francisco that could partner with a gym in Palo Alto to offer “a seamless cross-membership for individuals that live in San Francisco and work in Palo Alto.” He points out, ”This enables SOHOs to have a similar offering to a large national health club chain.”

PlanetSoho has recently hit a number of milestones on the way to this ultimate goal. Cohan notes that the company recently surpassed one million members and announced partnerships with FedEx Office, Office Depot, and Go Daddy to bring special discounts to PlanetSoho members.

“There are more than 25 million of these businesses in the US, and they pump an estimated $1.8 trillion into the economy every year—that’s $5 billion a day. I hope to achieve this kind of sustainable capitalism through trickle up,” Daniel said.

Read the entire article here.

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