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The Right Message

How much thought and creativity do you put into your marketing? I know businesses have marketing budgets that they strategically plan for, but do you spend the time being creative? Does your advertising portray the personality of your company? The most creative marketing gets noticed.

One of our clients owns a hearing-aid center. Their advertising was like everyone else in their industry, dry and to the point. However, the owners of the company are friendly and warm and funny, so we took their ads and re-worked them. We put personality in the ads like a dancing ear; the holidays were, “Do you hear what I hear”; and of course, “What did you say?” This made a tremendous difference, and the phones were ringing again. People noticed the ads because they were clever and humorous, and even though hearing loss is a serious condition, the ads can attract new clients through creativity.

Whether your business is insurance, real estate, hearing aids, or floristry, there is competition. So thinking outside the box is a must if you want your phones to ring instead of your competition’s. Use your personality; you created a business that is as unique as you are, so put a little bit of your own personality in your marketing, and let people see how different you are. That may give them the reason to call you or shop at your store.

The right message is “your” message—your uniqueness and your creativity. When was the last time someone commented on your marketing message? If it’s been awhile, then you may not have found the “right” message. Over the holidays when everyone was sending out holiday cards, we suggested to one of our clients to hold off and send out Valentine’s Day cards instead, which fits with their business. Something with the title, “We love our clients!” It’s unique, and it will hit their clients’ mailboxes when all the holiday cards from everyone else have been forgotten about. It doesn’t always have to be large, extravagant, or even expensive—just different. It’s all about the right message.

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