We're here to keep you on top of things, make you look extra professional, and give you the support you need to flourish.

Big companies have admins, billing departments, and complex software systems for managing customers. You just have yourself. No wonder it’s been so hard to keep track of everything! PlanetSoho is here to help. We’ll take care of your “back office” tasks so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Managing Your Contacts and Clients

Our unified contact-management system makes it easy to send invoices, log billable hours, order supplies, send newsletters, and more. Instantly transfer your existing contacts, and add new ones with just a few clicks.
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Automating Your Invoices and Billing

Forget about creating, printing, and mailing paper bills. Just use our easy online invoicing system. With professional templates and built-in status tracking, you’ll always be on top of your billing.
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Giving You a Web Presence

You don’t need to hire a web designer to have an online presence. Just claim your online business card. Choose from a number of professional designs to make your business shine.
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Tracking Your Billable Hours

Time Tracker makes it easy to track billable hours and instantly convert them to invoices.
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Tallying Your Inventory

We keep track of your inventory for you and make it easy to attach your items to estimates and invoices.
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Keeping Your Docs Safe in the Cloud

Our doc storage feature lets you keep your important documents safe on our system and access them from anywhere.
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Giving You Data Insights

We send you a weekly backup email containing all your account data. Use it to further analyze your business, pass it on to your bookkeeper/accountant, or keep it as an extra layer of security. (Premium feature).
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Sharing Helpful Docs and Templates

We provide hundreds of docs and templates that you can quickly customize to meet your needs, including legal forms, financial templates, and general business docs. (Premium feature).
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Creating Customized Reports for You

We give you the inside scoop on how your business operates. Every report you need is now available at your fingertips, easy to create and easy to view using our intuitive interface with built-in templates.
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