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Where Does the Time Go? Top Time-Management Apps for the Busy SMB Owner

Small-business owners are busy people; there is no doubt about that. As they attempt to juggle between multiple roles, they seem to always run out of time. A recent survey conducted by eVoice, a digital communication provider based in the UK, shows just how much.

The survey reveals that 38 percent of SMB owners view time as the most valuable asset to their business, more than any other asset; computers, office/storefront, company’s website, and even mobile phone. The survey also shows that 76 percent of SMB owners fulfill three to six roles in their business and that 53 percent of them find this aspect of owning their own business the most difficult. Last but not least, 25 percent of business owners say that another hour in the workday is worth more than $500 to their business.

It is clear. Small-business owners are in desperate need of time-management tools. This post will come to the rescue. Here are three top time-management apps.

OmniFocus: This application, available for PC, iPhone, and iPad, can help you organize your day in varying degrees of depth, depending on the device that you choose to use. I will focus on the iPhone app, which that allows you to manage, prioritize, and search all your tasks and manage complex projects that require multiple tasks to complete and capture every thought that goes through your mind in order to explore it later. One of the cooler features of this app is its “maps” option, which helps you decide how to prioritize your tasks based on your location.

MindNode: This app focuses on visualizing your ideas as they develop. Through this app you can create mind maps of your thoughts and ideas, analyze what the maps entail, and better understand them. You can modify the maps as your ideas progress and invite people to view and join in on your brainstorming session. You can also export your finalized maps as documents, PNG images, or text.

MobileDay: MobileDay helps you avoid everything that is annoying about conference calls on the go. This app offers one-touch access to any conference call listed on your calendar. The app allows you to join any conference call, whether you’re the host or a guest, by pressing just one button. The app also includes a group-texting feature.

Small-business owners are Jacks of all trades, and as such, they wear many hats throughout their day. I hope these three apps will help make the hat switching smoother.

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