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Don’t expect success, build it

Here is an article that was originally posted on Al Lewis’s blog, and was written by PlanetSoho founder and CEO, Ron Daniel. For those of you unaware of who Al Lewis is, has been a financial journalist since 1985. He writes columns for The Wall Street Journal Sunday and MarketWatch, offering an unconventional perspective on the business headlines of the day.

Let’s start.

Making the decision to start your own business is hard. Jumping in to unknown territory is daunting and stressful, but as frightening as it is, don’t be scared! You can do it—you can take the leap to begin your new life as a business owner.

There will be hurdles in your path along the way, but don’t let that discourage you. As someone who has been in your situation, I know that reality has a way of interjecting itself into your carefully designed business plan, throwing everything out of control. But there are ways to influence reality so that when trouble arrives you know how to navigate around it without affecting your business.

I’m here to give you a few pieces of advice to help guide you through the unplanned circumstances that might come your way. These are five tips that I have learned throughout my experience as an entrepreneur.

1. Have a clear vision. When you plan a vacation, you don’t just pack a bag and go. Even if it’s a spontaneous decision, you still choose a destination, length of the trip, and even an itinerary. You have a clear idea of how your trip will look. During your vacation, unexpected events can interfere with your plans, but it doesn’t interfere with the ultimate picture you have in your mind about how your vacation will play out. Managing your business can be a surprisingly similar experience to planning a vacation. You need to know where you are going and where you want to end up. You have the choice to map out the route, or leave it to fate. Only by establishing a clear vision of what you want to achieve, will you and reality be able to work together as a team.

Read the rest of the article on Al Lewis’s blog.

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