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Ridgefront Realty

Real Estate

Ridgefront Realty specializes in luxury real estate properties in Banner Elk, NC and Miami Beach, FL.

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P.O. Box 1982 Banner Elk, NC 28604
Ridgefront Realty
Business Description

Ridgefront Realty is a leading Real Estate provider serving luxury home buyers and sellers in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Miami and South Beach. Since 1990, Realtor Cheri Pulcini has devoted herself to serving the luxury real estate market in destinations ranging from the very sought-after Miami Beaches and Miami then broadening to the distinctive North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains for the most discerning clientele. Cheri personally looks forward to introducing you to the communities and lifestyle of the prestigious Banner Elk real estate market, including elite properties in Blowing Rock, Valle Crucis, Linville and more. Cheri Pulcini is known for the Launching, Development & Design, and Sales & Marketing of over 7 exclusive projects in real estate today.

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