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How can I add or edit information on Public Profile?

PlanetSoho Support Team
posted this on May 17, 2012 14:01

Follow these steps to add or edit information on your Public Profile:

  1. Click on the My Account button in blue menu in the top right.
  2. Select Public Profile.
In the Public Profile menu, you can edit various aspects of your Public Profile, such as:
  • In the Settings menu, publish your Public Profile in the Planet Soho Directory by checking the box next to Publish Public Profile.
  • In the Contact Info menu, edit your Contact Name and choose whether or not to show your address and phone number on your page by selecting the Show on page boxes.
  • In the Me on the Web menu, add links to your website and any other social media presences.
  • In the Description menu, give your Public Profile a Page Title, sum up your business In a nutshell, select an industry from the menu under What industry do you work in?, and give potential leads a better idea of your products or services by filling out the Tell us a little about your business field.