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5 Most Typical Questions About The Wealth Vault Answered By A Real User

posted this on March 19, 2014, 09:32

No doubt the Wealth Vault is unquestionably getting quite a bit of attention on the net today what is actually resulting in the stir may be the concept of having the ability to create hands-free passive income without all of the headaches and hassles of experiencing to recruit, sell or sponsor people.

Yes that sounds just super. I mean who wouldn't want automatically passive income? The question is will the Wealth Vault actually deliver?

After all. The internet abounds with promises of easy passive income and tales of easy riches. By the way when's the past time "easy riches" fell into your lap? Yeah, don't hold your breath.

So so as to cut through all the hype and garbage I'm going to give a reputable review and answer the top five common questions about the Wealth Vault.

1. What exactly is the Wealth Vault and that are the folks really behind it?

The Wealth Vault was created and founded by Brad Wajnam and Barry Goss. Brad is really an old business associate of mine as well as being among my early mentors.

A longtime dream of Brad's, the Wealth Vault is a private and extremely exclusive "inner circle" membership and investment club. So long as I've known Brad he's been just like a mad scientist, obsessed with finding the name meanings best investments and passive income vehicles. The Wealth Vault was developed for the only real intent behind helping its members make, manage and multiply their funds passively.

2. Will the Wealth Vault Actually deliver residual income?

Although the Wealth Vault alone doesn't deliver residual income (that isn't its purpose) you'll find a rolodex of first class a second income investments and elite money managers listed within your member's area when you are a member. So yes, the Wealth Vault does essentially deliver residual income.

3. So what's inside the Wealth Vault and just what exactly would you get?

Like Brad says, "You won't find your grandpa's old school, slow investment methods inside the Wealth Vault". What you'll find is a virtual smorgasbord of some of the most powerful investment vehicles and little-known ways to grow your wealth passively. You'll receive use of an ever increasing rolodex of Managed Trading Accounts, some of which are yielding verified monthly returns of 5.28% - 23.4% with a 9 year history of solid performance.

4. Let's say you don't have much cash to start. Are you able to still take advantage of the Wealth Vault?

Having more money to begin with investing will definitely speed things up. After all let's not pretend here. If all you need is really a couple bucks you then aren't exactly making vast amounts of dollars like Warren Buffet. The fast fact is no its not necessary a bunch of money to learn from the membership. The Wealth Vault was purposely created for the "little guy" to get access to the same types of high return investments which can be normally restricted to the rich.

You will end up very happy to know that you will find great investments listed within the Wealth Vault that you could participate in at as little as several hundred bucks.

5. Does the Wealth vault provide investment recommendations?

No. The Wealth Vault is not an financial advisory service that is clearly stated on their site. The Wealth Vault provides you with dozens of resources and the contact info for professional advisors who're licensed to do this.


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