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Best Mini Laptop

posted this on Apr 04 13:23 Mini laptops can be a segment that laptop manufacturers have ventured into due to their growing popularity. In this article, we'll check out among the best mini laptops you can purchase. A few weeks ago, mini laptops maintained as the traveler's laptop. The product range was limited to a couple of models, and people who bought them were interested in their features instead of the expense of acquiring one. But, today mini laptops have mushroomed throughout and there is a huge market for them.

A mini laptop, or perhaps a net book because it is more popularly known, is an extremely small , compact PC that carries out all basic computing tasks. The key difference between an internet book plus a regular laptop is that there's no DVD drive on the net book, due to the small size. Those people who are always on the road and require a laptop to undertake various activities are the most widespread people that use best mini laptops all over the world.

Best Mini Laptop Review

Asus Ere PC 1016P
Asus may be credited with is the torchbearers of mini laptop revolution. Asus Ere PC 1016P has got the distinction to be among the lightest mini laptops available in the market. Its sleek design helps to ensure that it fits easily in many backpacks and users don't get caught up by how heavy it is. The specifications with this net book are:

・10.1" screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels
・Intel Atom Processor N455 (1.66 G h z)
・250 GB hard drive
・Windows 7 Professional os
・Price: Starting at $450

HP mini 210

HP mini 210 finds itself about this list since it is probably the most affordable net books within this category. Although, its fragility to perform heavy multitasking can turn off individuals who desire to play video games on their own net books, this is a good companion as far as entertainment on the go can be involved. The configuration with this machine is:

・10.1" screen using a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels
・Intel Atom Processor N455 (1.66 G h z)
・250 GB hard disk
・Windows 7 Starter operating-system
・Price: Starting at $300

Asus Ere PC 1001PXD
Although this net book offers to support heavy multitasking and gaming, most user reviews have suggested that expecting it to are smoothly as your PC can add disappointed. Otherwise, the web book delivers on everything that it promises, battery every day life is impressive, the keyboard dimensions are as big as you obtain on a standard laptop and also the resolution is impressive. The specifications are:

・10.1" widescreen with resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels
・Intel Atom Processor N455 (1.66 G h z)
・250 GB hard disk drive
・Windows 7 Starter operating-system
・Price: Starting at $250

Acer Aspire One AO722-0022

Their list would not be complete with no inclusion of Acer Aspire One. All things considered, this net book did itself lots of good by winning the very best Ten Reviews Bronze Award. The net book packs in power and gratifaction, and also at once is portable enough being carried around without too much of a headache. The specifications are:

・11.6" widescreen having a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels
・AMD Fusion C-60 dual-core processor (1 G h z)
・500 GB hard disk drive
・Windows 7 Home Premium os
・Price: Starting at $400

The main a look at the best mini laptops are that firstly, it's very light and small therefore it is convenient to carry around and transport. Secondly, because the machine itself is so small, it life is amazing. These net books run using their battery to have an average of approximately 6-8 hours, which is quite incredible for a laptop. Looking strictly at the configurations of all these machines, you can deduce the Acer Aspire You are a notch higher than its competitors, but, it certainly not implies that others aren't worthy. The internet books mentioned in the following paragraphs are some of the well-received and bestselling net books, although choosing one on your own, you should consider obtaining one of these brilliant.

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