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In Search Of New Challenges In Bollywood - Ajay Devgan

posted this on May 15 13:54

Okay fingers up, how many of you have seen this movie? May not be a blockbuster or a box office hit hindi movie but it is definitely worth a watch. Perhaps more than once. Why? Just imagine, Sanjay Dutt tackling his enemy by following the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. For the uninitiated, he is a beefcaked bollywood actor with a really mean mafia look who looks like a former Brisbane Lions regular player. I was referring to the former of course.

With about 50 latest Hindi Movies titles to her credit including some well-appreciated movies like "Raaz", "Jism", "Race" web page , "Corporate" and "Lamha", the model-turned-actress is looking for a place in Hollywood with her first film "Singularity".

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