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Maximus Blair
posted this on November 6, 2014, 14:21

Many favor, when I came across the work really WhatsApp 3 Hacks, in this article I'm going to remove some misunderstandings WhatsApp piracy. WhatsAppSniffer WIFI (open, WEP, WPA / WPA2) read the conversation WhatsApp is a tool for the main terminal. It aresent or on the same WIFI Android mobile phone, iPhone and Nokia talked to capture the coordinates of the image / video. It has not been tested with telephone terminal W indows.

They do not use WhatsApp to your own server, written by Blackberry, or not being able to read a received message. This application has been designed to indicate that the security of the communication WhatsApp is NULL. WhatsAppSniffer only the packages read all the WiFi network, use the tcpdump filter you have origin or destination server WhatsApp. All messages in plain text, because it is fully compatible with the legal duration of WhatsApp (3 C, nothing decrypt "Ethereal usually like tcpdump or HttpWatch sniffer does not prohibit the use, but our system is that we, our protocol reverse engineering or actions beyond the pursuit of a ban limit of normal request from a client tries to WhatsApp its prey until it locks WhatsApp? or do you want all of her conversations on the computer.

In general, for safety reasons the number of encryption WhatsApp conversation and is on the computer, taking the entire SD card or a copy of Memory .but on the phone found the tool to XDA, claiming to decipher the conversation WhatsApp. If your device if you have the right to access to Kano, also, to send the file to a compatible Bluetooth device, you can read all the conversation. This tool is called WhatsApp Xtract everything I ztedd credit.



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