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Why You Should Take Your Business Online?

Just 15 years ago the Internet was in its infancy with only a few million users. The potential was obvious, but implementation was still in development. Now over 2 billion unique Internet subscribers or about one third of the global population has joined those few million pioneers. It stands to reason then that small businesses are joining the world in embracing the advantages of Internet connectivity.

Setting up an e-business is just one way to utilize online opportunities.. For example, how could a local retail store benefit from taking business online?

One simple option is the use of social media. By simply making a Facebook page, a company immediately becomes searchable. This allows even a small store to have their address as well as other contact information online for local buyers to easily access. This can be an easy means for free leads generation. In some ways this is a replacement of sorts for the printed business directories, which are steadily being met with customer opposition.

Another excellent development to come with the spread of Internet accessibility is the influx of online business management tools. Even if a new business has a strong product or a loyal customer base, it can still be difficult to simply manage finances, invoices, etc… Free business management platforms streamline this headache considerably. The basic idea behind these services is to automate as much of the management process as possible. Proper implementation can streamline work considerably and cut down on the need to hire additional employees that would otherwise be needed to handle the extra weight. It is well worth any small business owner’s time to check online for small business software. This can be a huge time saver and a great way to save on hiring additional employees that would otherwise have solely managed what can be done for free online. Remember that there are paid services as well, but I have not found that any that justify the price point over their counterparts that don’t charge.

For those interested in lowering their carbon footprint while saving money, digitizing your business can help with this as well. The more business you do on your computer, the closer your company comes to going “paperless”. By investing in programs such as contact management, online invoices, mass email, and others, you minimize you amount of spending done on printing and purchasing paper. While it may seem like a trivial expense, paper adds up and printer ink is often incredibly overpriced. This is just a simple way to cut costs and reduce any potentially negative impact on the environment.

As a final note, I would like to spotlight the utility of contact management online. I find it incredibly useful to set up a business email, which can of course be promoted through social media. Snail mail may always be a part of business operations, but the power of a dedicated email for you and your employees cannot be overstated. Even just for communication between employees the service is a must. Don’t simply rely on your own personal email because making new accounts is simple, looks more professional, and makes organization easier. Once you start sending and receiving bulk mail for your company, the benefits of a company email will become apparent.

Additional online tools are of course constantly being developed. Due to the sheer volume of the web and its ever-evolving state, sometimes new and useful applications can be easily overlooked amongst the clutter. I recommend taking time to check online and see what websites can provide your business with the competitive edge necessary to keep up with an always-changing worldTaking just a few minutes to find the right web tools can save you countless hours in the long run. Happy hunting!

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