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Get to Know a PlanetSoho Member: Fusion Wellness Group

Sue Ellen Burch is a mom and small-business owner in Houston, Texas, who is passionately devoted to helping people live their fullest possible lives. At her home business, Fusion Wellness Group, she uses kinetic movement therapies to strengthen the brain-body connections in developmentally disabled people, trauma victims, and people who just need to hit the reset button on life. She works with adults and children (including her six-year-old son Justin, who has a speech impediment) to re-balance their nervous systems so they can grow and thrive.

“Fusion’s programs are focused on movement therapies and educational kinesiology. At the basic level, we assess active primitive reflexes in the body and use these movement therapies to help integrate the primitive reflexes in the body,” explains Sue Ellen. “It is an innovative and cutting edge approach to stress, autism, trauma, depression and the like.”

While Sue Ellen loves her work, she does not love the busywork that comes with running a small business, which is why she uses PlanetSoho to save time and money on business management.

She recently told Fox 26 News, “You can make spreadsheets and all of that, but at the end of the day it doesn’t provide you with what you need unless you’re functionally creating it. So if I can put something in and it creates it for me, that’s saving me save time and money at the end of the day.”

As Fox 26 business reporter Tom Ziska points out, “When you think of the difference between a Fortune 500 company and the tiniest startup, it’s the difference in people and money that can generate business.” So for small businesses like Fusion Wellness Group, [PlanetSoho] is like “going on the Internet and picking up a big box of business helper.”

Sue Ellen told Fox 26 that PlanetSoho has helped her free up more time to help others. “We’re maintaining our relationships with current clients, we’re attracting interest from others. It’s exactly what I wanted it to be.”

Be sure to check out the entire news segment about Fusion Wellness Group and PlanetSoho (formerly SohoOS).

To learn more about Sue Ellen’s work, visit http://www.fusionwellnessgroup.com. Fusion Wellness Group is also on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, the PlanetSoho Directory.


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