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Back Surgery Worth 6 Chips of 1GB Data Each

My story begins about 8 years ago when I underwent a back surgery that I never asked for. It so happens that one of the world’s leading Neurosurgeons couldn’t read his own hand writing and instead of operating on my neck (C2-C4) he operated on my back (C2-L4) from mid neck to hips, severing nerves and muscles along the way. Needless to say, my physical condition after that was less than desirable.

I was in and out of the hospital for 4 more surgeries trying to repair the damage I decided to call a friend of mine from the Service, an orthopedic surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD, who agreed to try and help. He implanted over 75 titanium rods in my back and chest (forming a cage supporting my spinal column) with over 256 screws to hold me together. After 6 months of intensive Physical Therapy I was able to at least walk short distances with the aid of a cane or walker.

Lugging around multiple suitcases full of x-rays, reports, etc. from doctor to doctor became a nightmare, so I decided to put all my records onto a CD to make it easier to take with me. As luck would have it, the CD got scratched and couldn’t be read. So, I decided to put all my records on flash drives. Because the largest chips at the time only held 1GB of data, I needed 7 flash drives to fit 6 operations worth of reports, pictures, and x-rays on. Then I thought: “Why not try to create a program that could hold all this data?”

I began my 3-year plan to create something no one had ever heard of. After picking the brains of some of my medical friends, I came up with what I call my Medi-Chip EMR (Electronic Medical Record).

Now, you can call me physic, or psycho but this EMR was not even thought of back in 2002. After showing my first rough draft to my Orthopedic life saver he said, “That is a genius idea! Let me help by showing you how the doctors go over certain things.”

He proceeded to explain SOAP to me (subjective, objective, assessment and plan), which is the way a physician examines a patient from head to toe, so as not to miss a single nuance of care and treatment.

This is but a brief peek into what and how I created what today is the only portable USB EMR Medi-chip in the world. It is licensed by the AMA, ADA, College of American Pediatrics, College of American Pathologists and approved by the HIPAA (the governing body for the security of all personal medical data)

So if you want to learn more, contact me by following this link to my business page on the SohoOS business directory:

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