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Huffington Post Interviews SohoOS Founder

Ron Daniel talked about automating busywork for micro-businesses, designing a management platform for consumers, and manifesting the long-term vision of the company.

In a recent Huffington Post article, Ron Daniel, the founder and CEO of SohoOS, spoke with speaker and author Phil Simon about what makes SohoOS so different from other management platforms and where the company is headed.

Simon started by asking Daniel to describe SohoOS to the layperson. “SohoOS is the free and simple way to manage a micro-business,” explained Daniel. “It is designed to help users focus on what they are passionate about while daily administrative activities are fully automated by the SohoOS platform.”

The SohoOS platform is purposely designed to function as a consumer platform—as opposed to an enterprise platform—for a very good reason, said Daniel.

We believe that micro-business owners tend to behave more like individual consumers than business entities. I call it the “assistant test.” If, like most micro business, you don’t have an assistant, then you really can only rely on yourself. You want to make your day-to-day processes as simple and smooth as possible. Most don’t want to spend precious time learning and relearning business applications and platforms. Those are best left for much bigger companies who, not coincidentally, have the staff to support this.

Complexity works for enterprise software, Daniel noted, but these products don’t translate well to consumers. “The DNA built into their products is just too different than what it would take to create a user-friendly and efficient experience,” he explained.

At SohoOS, we have separated the product department from the R&D department for exactly that reason. We want our product team to operate free from restraints. This will let those employees imagine the best possible product for the segment we are serving without being dragged into technology barriers.

Asked about the future of the company, Daniel noted that SohoOS envisioned three phases. Phase one was creating the simplest management platform on the Web and making it available for free. Phase two, which is currently underway, is integrating Web services and third-party apps into the platform to expand user capabilities. Phase three, which begins next year, is called the virtual corporation. It will enable users to collaborate and consolidate products and services. As Daniel described it, “SohoOS will enable millions of businesses to seamlessly leverage a single database and share resources and information.”

“So, what is the final vision for SohoOS?” asked Simon.

Daniel replied that the philosophy of SohoOS is to change the way capitalism works so that it serves both big and small businesses well.

“Our final dream is to turn SohoOS into the platform that delivers this vision,” he said. “We believe that this will create a better world.”

Read the entire interview here. Find Phil Simon online at http://www.philsimonsystems.com/.

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