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Get to Know a SOHO: Grace Telecom

One of the biggest challenges small office / home office (SOHO) businesses have is finding services that are scaled for their needs. Many service providers cater specifically to corporations and consumers but overlook smaller businesses.

Entrepreneur Brits van Wyk of Durban, South Africa, saw how often small businesses are underserved—and overcharged—when setting up PABX, voice, and data plans. So he created Grace Telecom (formerly iTel), a consulting service that helps these businesses find the right solutions for their needs.

“It is true that most medium to large organizations have in-house skills and support structures, and although they acquire the solutions from vendors, they design the solutions to meet the need themselves,” explained van Wyk. “This is not the case with SOHO and SMEs.”

Since 1998, Grace Telecom has offered off-the-shelf and custom phone solutions for small businesses all over South Africa. Grace Telecom acts as an unbiased third party, performing a needs analysis and making recommendations based on what will benefit the client. The consulting fee is mostly paid for by the vendor as a “finder’s fee,” making the process a win/win for everyone.

Van Wyk noted that SOHOs and SMEs show a “huge lack in ‘own resources’ and a grudge-buy based on biased advice from vendor representatives. Grace Telecom fills this gap. We are one hundred percent independent of the vendors and act on behalf of the client.”

As a SOHO owner himself, van Wyk understands the challenges of running a small business, and is always on the lookout for services made for SOHOs. That’s why he called Planet Soho the “crowning jewel” of his online business.

“With my Planet Soho package, I can literally receive a sales call, capture the lead/client details and have a quote to the prospective client before I hang up the phone! This is the type of service that gives you a competitive advantage second to none!” he said. “I really thought that I was well organized before…but now I have a system so easy to use and so accessible that once more my operations are fun.”

To learn more about Grace Telecom, visit http://www.pabx-south-africa.co.za. To get in touch with Brits van Wyk, visit http://directory.planetsoho.com/britsvanwyk.


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