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Success is the best testimonial. And if you want to know how to achieve it, you ask successful people. Our members are our biggest fans and we are proud to serve them.

Just tried out ‪PlanetSoho for the first time. Definitely my new invoicing tool of choice!
Andrea MacDonald

Andrea MacDonald is a Graphic Designer who says that she likes the web, loves print, and is a social media addict. Also, she hates warm ketchup.

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Number of employees: 1
Website: andreathedesigner.com
Online business card: sohoos.com/me/andreamacdonald
Email: [email protected]

I was averaging 1 event per week, but because of PlanetSoho I have 2 events weekly for sure, and now I have 3 more so it’s become about 5 events per week.
Ernest Flores

Ernest Flores is the owner of ‘BarSphere Agency’ that offers a professional mobile bartending staff for events in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia.

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
Number of employees: 25
Website: barsphereagency.net
Online business card: sohoos.com/me/barsphereagency
Email: [email protected]

PlanetSoho has really improved my ability to run my business. The invoicing and documents features save me a lot of time.
Fikile Nyawose Sunker

Fikile Nyawose Sunker is the owner of ‘Black Pot Castle Hire’ that offers quality jumping castles, tables and chairs, tents, toilet hire, and more at reasonable prices.

Location: Johannesburg, Diepkloof Zone 6, Soweto, South Africa
Number of employees: 3
Online business card: sohoos.com/me/blackpot
Email: [email protected]

PlanetSoho lets me keep all of my contacts in one place and makes it easy for me to send and archive invoices.
Sam Smyth

BLC Landlord Services offers property management and maintenance services for a small retainer fee.

Location: Antrim, United Kingdom
Number of employees: 1
Website: blclandlordservices.co.uk
Online business card: sohoos.com/me/blclandlordservices
Email: [email protected]

PlanetSoho has really been there for me, giving me unique ways to promote my business. I have gotten leads, won a fabulous video—I have even gotten a newspaper interview!
Katy Kassian

Buffalo Gals is a gourmet bakery specializing in biscotti, cookies, and breads—tasty treats for any occasion.

Location: Regan, North Dakota
Number of employees: 1
Website: buffalogalsbakery.com
Online business card: sohoos.com/me/buffalogals
Email: [email protected]

We used to send 49 invoices manually every month. PlanetSoho has made invoicing so much easier, and the invoices look very professional.
Luz Whetstone

First Steps Academy is a daycare for 2- to 6-year-olds that aims to provide a secure, nurturing and stimulating environment that helps children to understand themselves as individuals as well as members of a community.

Location: New York, New York
Number of employees: 5
Website: firststeps-academy.com/
Online business card: sohoos.com/me/firststepsacadem
Email: [email protected]

We’re maintaining our relationships with current clients, and we’re attracting interest from others. PlanetSoho is exactly what I wanted it to be.
Sue Ellen Burch

Fusion Wellness Group uses kinetic movement therapies to strengthen the brain-body connections in developmentally disabled people, trauma victims, and people who just need to hit the reset button on life.

Location: Houston, Texas
Number of employees: 1
Website: fusionwellnessgroup.com
Online business card: sohoos.com/me/fusion629
Email: [email protected]

This has to be the best thing that I have ever come across, and you will not believe how much this will help me! PlanetSoho is everything I need and more to start my business.
Jane Marley

Jane Marley of Incantation Jewellery Designs makes and sells unique jewelry. She plans to open an online bead and jewelry-making shop soon.

Location: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Number of employees: 1
Website: facebook.com/incantationjewellerydesign
Email: [email protected]

The PlanetSoho invoicing tool has saved me so much time! I used to do all of my billing by hand. Now I do more business and less busywork.
John Musgrave

John Musgrave has been performing handyman, property management, and maintenance services for over a decade. He handles an average of 24 properties at a time.

Location: Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada
Number of employees: 1
Online business card: sohoos.com/me/wpgsfinest1
Email: [email protected]