Meet our Partners

Our partnerships enable us to reach more small businesses and provide more of what they need to succeed

Enterprise partner program

PlanetSoho helps enterprises tap into the lucrative, underserved SOHO market.
PlanetSoho delivers to your company a branded version of the platform powered by PlanetSoho. Working with PlanetSoho lets you provide your customers access to all the tools they need to grow and thrive: online billing, invoice tracking, online store, marketing tools, group emails, legal-doc templates, online storage, and a web presence- essentially, all the tools they need to get organized, get promoted, and get paid.

PlanetSoho enterprise partners benefit from:
  • Extending their brand presence and differentiating their offering
  • Demonstrating their commitment to the success of their small-business SOHO customers by offering 24/7 cross-selling opportunities and 1:1 customer dialogue.
  • Building online store to promote and sell directly to customers.
  • Extending lifetime customer value by using it to drive loyalty, retention, or new revenue.

Value-added partner program

The PlanetSoho value-added partner program brings premier brands into the PlanetSoho community with extraordinary value and pricing packages. This program is reserved for brands that share our deep commitment to “leveling the playing field” for SOHOs. This enables us to provide big-company benefits, pricing, and services to our SOHO community.

Contact us at [email protected] to inquire about becoming a value-add partner.

Technology partners

The PlanetSoho technology partner program is one of the ways we deliver the most up-to-date, powerful, and easy-to-use service in the marketplace.
Through our technology partners, we enable our SOHO community to benefit from powerful features and services that we integrate “behind the scenes” using our API, and are never directly seen by our users. Only the results are visible! We leverage technology and collective know-how to make the PlanetSoho service powerful, simple, and friendly.

Contact us at [email protected] to inquire about becoming a technology-solution partner.