We’re here to increase your online presence, find you new potential customers, and help you keep your customers loyal.

You don’t have the budget to hire an ad agency or a PR firm, so you’re in charge of all your marketing, on top of everything else you have to do. So naturally your promotion hasn’t been as effective as you wanted.

Increasing Your Online Presence

We help people find you online by giving you a customizable Online Business Card. Anyone who visits it can fill in a contact box, which will automatically add that person to your account as a new lead.
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Bringing Customers to Your Online Shop

We give you a professional online store, and the tools to promote it on Facebook, email, and all over the web.
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Keeping Your Current Customers Interested

We’ve created attractive, professional group emails for all sorts of occasions. Announce new products, send seasonal greetings, or simply say thanks.

Building Your Brand

The PlanetSoho Merchandise Shop lets you show your customers how much they mean to you with merchandise they'll actually use.
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Finding You Leads

We connect you with people who need your products/services, and we even help you capture leads from your other web pages.
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