The PlanetSoho invoicing tool automatically tracks the entire billing process for you for free - from customers to cash.
When you get a new lead, the person's contact info is automatically added to your PlanetSoho account.

You can create an estimate directly from the lead's contact page and send the estimate from within the system. Automatic status updates will let you know when the recipient views, comments on, or approves the estimate.

You can then convert the lead to a client and convert the estimate to an invoice - automatically, of course.

PlanetSoho's built-in PayPal integration means you'll receive payments faster. When you send your client an invoice, its status will be tracked in your news feed, so you can see when the client views, comments on, or pays the invoice.

It's really that simple to get paid!

Every step of the way, you'll know the status of all your jobs without having to worry about keeping track of everything. We make it free and easy for you to spend less time on busywork and more time on your real work.

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