We are here to change the world in your favor

Like you, we are driven by our passion to make a difference. We’re inspired by doing things that really matter, things that make us smile in the morning and right before we go to bed. And what could be more important than facilitating the revolution in the way SOHOs compete and flourish in tomorrow's world?

Our mission is to create the ultimate vehicle to enable an equal opportunity to all businesses, big and small. We are generating a facilitator for tomorrow’s new capitalism. It’s a trickle-up economy where small and micro-businesses control their own destiny.

We are facilitating the new micro-economy revolution, making economy-of-scale advantages available not just to big enterprises and corporations, but also to you.

How? It's simple. First you enjoy a full business-management suite, designed especially to enable you turn your intangible assets (talent, skills, time, product) into bankable assets. Then you'll be connected to an ever-growing community of others like you.

With over one million SOHOs in the same environment, we will develop the tools to enable you to collaborate in multiple ways directly from your business dashboard.

Yes, it's that simple. Welcome to PlanetSoho.

-- PlanetSoho Founder Ron Daniel

By the way, here's a short video I ran into that you may find interesting: