Emanuell Harnik

Business Services Manager

Emanuell comes from a training and orientation development background. She considers devoted customer care and high emotional intelligence a higher value, which shows in her work.

Alex Karatun

R&D; Team Leader

Alex is an experienced back-end developer with a focus on PHP development. His versatility in database design and object-oriented development has allowed him to manage complex projects.

Michael Lebedev

Back-End Developer

Michael is innovative developer with a passion to advance software technologies. He works with the R&D; team on wide verity of projects, bringing resourceful development solutions.

Avi Willinger

Head of Customer Acquisition

Avi is an entrepreneur and online marketing specialist with over 20 years of proven experience with SEO, PPC, media and email marketing.

Yuval Lev


Yuval has 15 years' experience building brand stories. Yuval was founder and CEO of McCann Content, and he has been a lecturer at Ariel University and a columnist in Globes.

Dafi Zakai

Senior Product Director

Dafi has over 12 years' experience in UX/UI design. She studied Architecture and Industrial Design at the Technion.

Doron Habshush

Marketing Operations

Doron helps start-ups focus their marketing strategy and business model. He cofounded Pay-Per-Lead, founded an asset management company, and was VP of biz-dev for AdWise.

Ifat Livni

Marketing Manager

Ifat is a flexible (yoga guru) multi-tasking creative person. She loves adding great content, activities, and fun to our brand and sharing images, colors, and sounds with our users.

Gil Klar

QA Team Leader

Gil started working for PlanetSoho in the support team, and has been working in the QA department since March 2012.

Hila Dar

Senior Product Director

Hila has over 10 years' experience as a product manager. She studied at the Interactive telecommunication graduate program at NYU.

Ilya Trunov

UX Expert

Ilya is a professional with 15 years of expertise in the consumer web field. During his work at companies like LabPixies, Google and RealCommerce he built and launched products used by millions every day.

Elad Golan

Frontend Developer

Elad comes from the mobile development arena. He brings great knowledge in cross platforms development. He specializes in bringing efficient development solutions to the R&D; team.

Lily Machness

Administrative Manager

After studying human behavior, managing an optic clinic, and becoming a mother, Lily was ready for a career change. Now she enjoys being part of the PlanetSoho Support team.

Ron Daniel

Founder & CEO

Ron has over 10 years of entrepreneurial and management experience. Prior to founding PlanetSoho he founded Indivisual TV and the Karaoke Channel. Ron is also a bestselling author.

Shlomit Nadav

Web/UI/UX Designer

Shlomit is in charge of designing every pixel in PlanetSoho.
Even this period: . And this one: .

Andres Suay

Director, Product Marketing

Andres has extensive experience in product marketing, optimization and monetization. He has worked for large corporations such as L'Oreal and Volkswagen as well as high-growth startups like Coupons.com.

Matt Weeks

Head of Ecosystem

Matt leads strategic partner and distribution relationships. Matt’s career spans over 25 years of tech-industry experience, including B of A, Wells Fargo, Moody’s, HP, and Intuit.

Shahar Raz

Raz Technology Services

Mr. Raz has over 20 years of experience, starting with legacy technologies all the way to the most up-to-date technologies and trends, including Cloud Computing and Software as a Service as well as many others.

Noam Mazuz

Frontend Developer

Noam is a wonderful frontend/client-side developer with real ambitions to Improve user experience. He takes his coding very seriously. VERY seriously...

Michael Jackson

Board Member

Michael joined Mangrove in 2007 after serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Skype. Michael graduated with honors from University College London with a degree in Communications Engineering.

Mark Goines

Board Member

Mark has an extensive track record of working with high-growth companies as an entrepreneur, executive, and angel investor. He also served as senior vice president of Intuit’s International Division.

Roy Saar

Board Member

Roy founded and developed several startup companies over the past 15 years, and was involved in the launch of Wix.com and Polaris Solutions.

Nir Tralovsky

Board Member

Nir Tralovsky has been a serial seed investor for the last 15 years. He has been behind the success of companies like Nielsen BuzzMetrics, Adsmarket, surfEU, PSINet Europe and others.

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