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Survey Says: You Could Really Use a PlanetSoho Mobile App

You asked for it, and now you got it: the PlanetSoho Get Paid mobile app - now free in the iTunes store — is the answer to your requests. Our recent mobile survey, answered by 1,097 PlanetSoho members, revealed that SOHOs do a lot of business on their mobile devices, want the freedom to send invoices from anywhere, and will save a lot of time with the new Get Paid app.

Fully 89.4 percent of you use your smartphone for business, and you use it a lot: 40.3 percent spend more than ten hours per week doing business on their smartphone.

The most-requested feature from a PlanetSoho app was invoicing. Good news: Get Paid is all about invoicing! You can easily create and send new invoices, see the status of invoices (Due, Overdue, Paid), and contact your customers from inside the app.

You said the most important functions of your smartphone for business are customer calls, text messages (SMS), and emails. So we built those functions right into the Get Paid app—when you’re looking at an invoice, you can just swipe to contact your customer via whichever method you prefer.

Best of all, PlanetSoho Get Paid will save you lots of time. By your estimate, 42.5 percent of you will save one to five hours per week, and 24.2 percent of you will save six to ten hours. That’s huge!

So go download the new, free Get Paid app and start getting money and saving time right away.

Oh, and remember the iPhone 5 giveaway we promised? We have winners! Two survey participants are enjoying their shiny new iPhone 5′s right now:

Alfredo’s Massage Therapy
Alfredo Alvarez, a masseur extraordinaire in West Dundee, Illinois, specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage, as well as trigger point therapy, neuromuscular release, nerve mobilization therapy, and specialized fibromyalgia or prenatal massage. Alfredo offers services in English and Spanish, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Many people dream of starting their own business, but they don’t have the knowledge or capital to make it work. Start1 helps would-be entrepreneurs by allowing them to run an already-started startup. Founder Alex Flavian of Timisoara, Romania, lets people rent an established online business, giving them the opportunity spend a few months or a couple of years learning the ins and outs of online entrepreneurship. Plus, participants get to keep 100 percent of profits.

Congrats, Alfredo and Alex. Everyone else, you’ll have another chance to win next time we do a survey. Keep checking your email.

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