We're here to automate your invoicing process, give you an online storefront,
and get you paid more quickly.

You’ve done the work, now you’re ready to collect the payment. But you’re behind on your paperwork, and you can’t remember who’s paid and who hasn’t. You don’t want to lose money, but it’s been too time-consuming to deal with billing and payments.

Automating Invoices and Billing

We’ve created the simplest billing system on the web with easy-to-use, professional templates, full PayPal integration, and automatic status tracking. You’ll always know the status of your payments, and your money will be deposited in your bank account for you.
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Designing Eye-Catching Invoice Templates

Make your invoices stand out from the stack. Now you don't need any graphic design experience to create an eye-catching invoice; just choose one of PlanetSoho's beautiful templates.
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Getting You Paid From Your Phone

The PlanetSoho Get Paid mobile app is the easy way to create and send invoices and accept payments on the go. Download it for free in the iTunes store.

Mailing Paper Invoices for You

Prefer paper invoicing, but hate stuffing envelopes? Just click a
button, and we'll send your invoice for you via snail mail.
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Scheduling Your Recurring Invoices

Don't sent the same invoices over and over and over again.
Just tell us how often to send them, and we'll do it for you.
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Tracking Your Billable Hours

Time Tracker makes it easy to track billable hours and instantly convert them to invoices.
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Building You an Online Shop

Soho Storefront is the easiest way to sell your wares online. It's automatically set up for you and seamlessly integrated.
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Integrating Your PayPal Account

With built-in PayPal capabilities, your payments will go directly to your account—no waiting, no trips to the bank.

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